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Most probably you tried to search for the Google Search Engine! The correct spelling is Google, and you'll find their website at Google is the most popular search engine in the WWW and serves more then 200.000.000 queries per day. Due to its enormous popularity a lot of misspellings/mistypings arise, the most common besides Goggle are Gogle, Googel, Googl and Googlr. Below you will find a list of some less common keywords like Gooogle, Goolge or Googgle which have not been analysed in detail yet.

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Facts about some less common mistypings

 Keyword    Count 
 gooogle  308
 goolge  294
 googgle  248
 gogel  ???
 googlw  ???

Gooogle, Goolge and Googgle - some more misspellings

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gooogle, goolge and googgle are some less often searched keywords.

The statistical Information used at this website has been taken from the Wordtracker Keyword Database.

And here you will find my german variant of some other misspellings.

all about the google search engine and some related misspellings. would be interesting to ask people why they made the mistake. perhaps it would be a good idea to make a survey.
here comes the top 12 of the google mistyping stats: google goggle kogal googel gogle goole googl boggle gooogle googol googlr goolge

Top 5 Misspellings
 Keyword    Count 
 goggle  7151
 gogle  1131
 googel  909
 googl  472
 googlr  333

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