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Most probably you tried to search for the Google Search Engine! The correct spelling is Google, and you'll find their website at Google is the most popular search engine in the WWW and serves more then 200.000.000 queries per day. Due to its enormous popularity a lot of misspellings/mistypings arise, the most common besides Goggle is Gogle. Below you will find some infos about this case.

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Facts about the gogle mistyping

 Keyword    Count 
 gogle  1131  402  308
 www.gogle  28
 www. gogle .com  19
 gogle search  8
 gogle .com  6
 gogle search engine  6
 www  6
Gogle - misspellings/mistypings

The name Google derives from the word Googol, the mathematical definition of a very big number - the figure 1 followed by 100 zeros. As it is such an uncommon word it's normal to either misspeak or mishear or misinterpret it. In english Gogle is the second most common misspelling of the word Google. There are a lot of reasons for this and other types of misspelling. Some occure because you are in a hurry and your fingers are faster than your brain, or the other way around ;-) Omissions as in Googl or Permutations of two characters as in Goolge are a typical result of such processes. Other possibilities are related to the exceptional spelling of Google or the special arrangement of letters on your keyboard.

A list of the 5 most frequent google misspellings can be seen at the right. Information has been taken from the Wordtracker Keyword Database. And here you will find my german variant of Gogle and other misspellings.

Gogle Search Engine

Top 5 Misspellings
 Keyword    Count 
 goggle  7151
 gogle  1131
 googel  909
 googl  472
 googlr  333

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